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UK car insurance comparison shopping made simple

UK Car Insurance Comparison

That time of the year comes when you have to renew your car insurance policy and as millions of car owners in the country you're expecting some hectic time on the phone. Even though the calls are free, listening to all that music while waiting for your turn is one of the ways to make you buy something right when an operator answers your call. Maybe it's time for you to start buying car insurance on the Internet? A lot of people are doing it and are happy with their cheap car insurance policies, so why not taking the chance? At least you could save yourself from the annoying canned music and spending time on the phone. Besides, it's really possible to get cheap car insurance online! With advanced quote comparison engines that let you shop around for car insurance in just a few clicks of the mouse there's a very good chance to find exactly what you need!

Yes, it takes just a few minutes of your time!

You get various responses with quotes from different providers that give you the choice of buying a policy that is really worth your money.

And to make it even better, this whole quote comparison service is completely free of charge. So you can keep your credit card in the wallet when comparing UK car insurance quotes this way since no one will ever make you buy something unless you really want it. There's just no better and more efficient way to shop around for car insurance. So make sure to spend those few minutes here instead of the phone and your policy will end up costing hundreds of pounds less if you do everything right.

What are the main types of policies to choose from?

There are three basic types of car insurance policies you can get in the UK. The most essential is Third Party Policy, which carries the minimum required third party liability coverage and pays out only in case you cause damaged to someone's property or health while driving a car. Third Party, Fire and Theft broadens the set of situations in which the policy will pay out. The third type, Comprehensive Policy, includes both the basic liability portion and a broad set of additional coverage options that will pay out in case your car sustains any damage stemming from reasons outside ordinary collision.

Are there any extras I can get?

Every policy can deliver a slightly different set of coverage that can be modified by exceptions. So make sure to read your policy carefully and get additional coverage if it's not included and you really need it:

  • breakdown assistance
  • pay-as-you-go
  • no claims coverage
  • legal protection

Cars according to insurance purposes

You may think that all cars cost about the same to insure but it's far from being the truth. Actually, all cars are broken down in groups according to their theft rates, repair costs, security, the likelihood for ending up in an accident and so on. And this classification can seriously affect your car insurance costs if you choose to buy the wrong car type. So before purchasing a vehicle make sure to learn what type of cars it belongs to in order to avoid high insurance costs. Also pay additional attention if your car:

  • is imported, which will always require additional paperwork and taxes
  • is a vintage vehicle with significant collectable value
  • is built from a kit
  • has undergone serious customization both internally and externally

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